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Empower.  Educate.  Evolve

Whether you're training for an event or seeking joy in pain-free consistency, I'm here to support you every step of the way. With a focus on both your goals and the pleasure of the process, I provide customised programs and essential tools for your success. Using cutting-edge coaching software, I analyse your fatigue, fitness, and progress to personalise your training plan. This empowers you with control over your schedule and ensures optimal intensity, preventing burnout and promoting steady progress. Let's embark on a transformative running experience together and unlock your true potential.

Ellen Petersen Running Coach
Ellen Petersen with a group of women running in the park

My Purpose

At EP Coaching, my purpose is to empower women on their running and fitness journey. I provide a supportive and encouraging environment that promotes female empowerment, self-belief, and accountability. With a coaching style characterised by humour, honesty, and reliability, I prioritise effective communication and understanding. My goal is to facilitate your growth, helping you find the courage to pursue your goals while supporting your mental and emotional wellbeing. Count on me as your reliable and empowering coach, dedicated to your success.



At EP Coaching, I offer personalised coaching programs that go beyond simply reaching a finish line. I create a safe and empowering space, fostering confidence and resilience for success in your journey. As your reliable and trustworthy coach, here's how I work: 

1:1 Personalised Run Coaching

Experience personalised attention, customised training plans, and guidance tailored to your needs. I provide continuous support every step of the way.

This plan is for you if..

  • You would like support and coaching towards your event or training journey.  

  • You are ready to have an open mind and see what is possible.

  • You want to train for an event and work alongside a coach who will support, encourage and educate you along the journey.

  • You enjoy structure and routine.  

  • You want a stress free approach where your coach will plan based on your needs and ensure your recovery is a priority. 

  • You are open to learning and growing your knowledge and love for running and 80/20 balanced training.  

PremiumTraining Plan Only Basic EP Coaching Plan

If you prefer a self-managed training plan, I offer speciality running plans that align with your event or timeframe, allowing you to train on your terms.

This plan is for you if..

  • You are self-motivated and want a plan customised to your own fitness and ability towards your goal event.

  •  You are confident to make adjustments yourself if injured, unwell, or have unexpected disruptions to training. This is important to maintain your training and recovery balance.

  • Your event is between 12 and 24 weeks away.

  • You have some past experience in running and some understanding of training metrics.

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